Best Ways to Improve Academic Essay Writing

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This blog provides some tips and strategies to improve academic essay writing. To give you an opportunity to practice proofreading, we have left a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the text. See if you can spot them! If you spot the errors correctly, you will be entitled to a 10% discount.

Academic Essay Writing

Academic essay writing is an essential part of college life because writing essays is one of the most common assignments in colleges or universities. Thus, knowing how to write an academic essay is crucial. Some claim that it is an easy job, whereas others assert that it is highly demanding. In particular, international students find the task tremendously compelling.

It is undoubtedly a challenging issue because one must devote considerable time to studying, reading, and examining the evidence, which requires self-sacrifice. Although it seems challenging at first, it will get easier by practicing and following the steps below:

  1. Develop a topic
  2. Research and take notes
  3. Create an outline
  4. Write your essay
  5. Edit your work

You can write a well-thought-out, well-organized academic essay! When you get accustomed to academic essay writing, it will give you a chance to obtain higher grades on your assignments.

Academic essay writing
Academic essay writing is an essential part of any college education

How to Structure?

A well-structured essay helps authors clearly systematize their views clearly, implementing the arguments and proof to support them. Hence, the writers need to organize their ideas according to a scheme in advance if they want to have a better essay. Having a plan gives authors a big chance to make the process of academic essay writing easier.

Two essential points are salient to improve your writing skills: (1) collecting the data regarding the issue and (2) having a plan or scheme before starting an academic essay. For proofreading tips for your academic writing, please click here.

  • Collecting all relevant information about the major issue: To have a well-written academic essay or paper, you have to be proficient in the major subject of the essay you are focusing on. For instance, if the paper is about climate change, you must research the subject by reading different articles and books about it. In consequence, you will improve your knowledge of climate change and be ready to write about it. Having some courses would ease the process for beginners.
  • Having a plan or scheme is an essential part of academic essay writing: Our thoughts sometimes get all jumbled up before starting to write; thus, planning is necessary to help you organize your information at hand.
academic essay writing
International students find academic essay writing compelling

In every effective writing, each paper should have at least three major parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. For academic essay writing, we should add references too.

Why is the Introduction Important for Academic Writing?

The introduction is the first part of the paper, and this is where the introductory aspect of the major subject comes in. It is a crucial part because it is where the writer gives his/her first impression; therefore, it should pique the curiosity of readers. Furthermore, this part is the big picture of your essay and academic writing. It is also considered the face or door of the paper that indicates the writer’s objectives; hence, it should be persuasive to attract readers’ attention.

academic essay writing
The introduction is a door to the academic essay writing
  • The introduction of your essay should have a good “attention getter”.
  • It must have attention-grabbing sentences to capture the attention of the audience, emphasizing issues from general to specific.
  • This part should give a piece of the general information on the major subject.
  • The intro must pose a question or a problem the paper aims to answer. Hence, an academic essay writing should clearly define and describe the problem statements of the essay.
  • thesis statement or an argument aiming to give an opinion on the writer’s evidence must be provided at the end of the introduction part. A thesis statement is the key proposition of academic writing.
  • The introduction of an essay must always contain the purpose of the study for the audience to see the value of the essay.

Body of the Essay: The Core of the Academic Essay Writing

The essay’s body is the longest part and discusses all key ideas and subjects thoroughly, with pieces of evidence supporting the main propositions of the essay. The body paragraphs must include the following points to have improved academic essay writing.

  • The body must have the evidence and a fortiori analysis of the expository essay with parallel to writers’ ideas.
  • A body of the essay must have a topic or statements linking the argument to the thesis statement of the study. That makes your work more scientific.
  • In order to convince the readers, it must posit sufficient examples, evidence, data, and information. In this part of the essay, you must analyze the thesis statement of the essay. That makes the body paragraphs the central part of the study.
  • Having a logical order is important. Since the body paragraphs are the core of academic essay writing, they must have the logical order for the ideas, dates, etc.
  • It must have some transition words or statements to construct a better flow of the essay.
  • Citations and some quotations should be included in this section.
academic essay writing dissertation
Linking arguments makes your academic essay writing more scientific

The Conclusion of the Essay

The conclusion of the essay is the last part, and it generally summarizes the overall ideas. In this sense, it is an important part of academic essay writing.

  • It must indicate the major findings of the study.
  • It should summarize the main arguments, ideas, and thesis statements of the essay.
  • As the conclusion is the last part of the essay, it must sum up all data and arguments and reaffirm the main statements in an outlined and clear approach, which makes the arguments more understandable for your audience.
  • When writing the last paragraph, you must briefly sum up the study and all the relevant information and restate the subject of the essay.

The Role of the References for Academic Essay Writing

In all effective academic writing, each study should have at least three major parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. For academic essay writing, references gain importance.

  • In academic essay writing, writers’ ideas are inevitably based on other studies, findings, or research. Referencing your essay allows your audience to distinguish your thoughts and findings from those you have cited from other studies and findings. It also allows readers to keep up in more detail the thoughts that you have referred to.
  • Scientific sources allow you to find a great amount of evidence; thus, having solid references in your academic essays is essential.
  • Citing and referencing can be an overwhelming issue for new writers who do not comprehend the main principles. There are several ways to reference a source. Every university, college, professor, or journal may demand different referencing styles. Check with your college, journal, or professor to ensure that you are adopting the right one.
  • Poor or wrong referencing might make you lose marks in your assignments. Thus, you must dedicate time and effort to learn how to reference well. It will surely improve your academic essay writing.
academic essay writing avoid plagiarism
Plagiarism sabotages your academic essay writing

Avoid Plagiarism: It Sabotages Your Academic Essay Writing

  • Plagiarism is presenting other authors’ ideas as if they are your own. It does not matter whether it is presented directly or not. Copy-pasting others’ texts without showing their sources, providing quotes without giving credit where credit is due, and giving information briefly without citing its source are some common examples of plagiarism. Thus, be careful with plagiarism because it will sabotage your academic essay writing.
  • Avoid plagiarism at all costs. It is a heavy academic offense. When your essay is detected with evidence of plagiarism, your grades might be badly affected
  • If you insist on plagiarizing, then you can be rejected from taking a course; you can even be excluded from an institution. Most of the academic institutions implement a specifically designed software to detect plagiarized works. Turnitin is one of the most popular software utilized by universities.

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